Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lucky 11

We hit our 11 year mark of marriage this month. It has been an amazing ride and seems to just be getting better as we figure this marriage thing out. I love Scott for so many reasons but probably the greatest is that he wants to be better, he isn't satisfied with mediocre. Yes, being married to a perfectionist can be challenging but it is also a blessing in that he is pretty introspective. Thankfully we are like minded in many ways of how to run a household and raise our children. I feel like I have a partner who values how I love and work and create. I was single for a really long time and when I decided to marry Scott it was because I was told by a little voice that he was the right fit for me. He would balance my structure and routine by spontaneity and fun. Marriage is hard work, and I'm totally ok with that. Scott makes our marriage exciting and passionate, I make it safe. We are good together and I'm so glad I chose him and Heavenly Father blesses us so we keep choosing each other. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1st Tradition for the New Year

This was our third year to kick of the New Year with the Hoopes Family Fun activity. We had so much fun playing musical chairs, balloon pop, basketball, dodgeball, and scooters. The cousins have the best time together. I am so grateful we live close enough to family to have activities like this. Luckily there was very little crying this year. I mean, there can't be crying in musical chairs, right?

We had a tasty brunch of waffles, bacon, and fruit. Stratton, Chad, and Scott each made their own version of waffles and all of them were so tasty! Daisy loved being with everyone and tried to keep up with the big kids. We missed Tori, but it was so fun to have everyone else together.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Yippee! Christmas!

Christmas was so fun! I kind of like it being on a Sunday. The weather was snowy and cold but our home felt so cozy with the tree lit up and the kids enjoying their gifts. We got up about 7 and took our time to read Luke 2. I love this tradition Scott created for us to do before going downstairs.  Santa came and brought wonderful things for the kids.

At first Daisy was just interested in finishing up the cookies we left for Santa. After a bit, she got curious about unwrapping the toys and books. Watson was excited about everything. He especially loved his new Jazz socks he found in his stocking.

Daisy was content playing with one thing at a time. She especially loved her new books. It was such a relaxed time.
Watson picked out a new cap and scarf just for me. I will definitely be warm this winter. I love this little family of mine. We really missed Chandler Christmas day but will have him home for a few days on the 27th. 

After opening presents and Daisy's little nap we went to church for a special Christmas meeting. The chapel was packed. The music was absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect place to be on this sacred day.
We tried really hard to get a picture of the kids in their Christmas best. Watson loves being the center of attention but Daisy just did not care at all. She is so busy all. the. time. Scott coerced her for a second to stand still. He is kind of color coordinated with the kids!

I've been trying to eat better and work out every day so my Christmas dress would fit better. So, I thought I'd put a little picture to remind me of my hard work. This is one of my favorite dresses.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry & Busy

We had so many fun things to do together this month! Watson started Junior Jazz so he and Scott got to attend a Jazz game. Just the two of them. Watson loves, loves, loves one on one Dad time. They had a great time picking out Jazz gear, eating yummy food and watching the game. I love how passionate Watson gets about EVERYTHING he tries. He knows a few of the players names and has picked a favorite, Favors. I have no idea where Watson inherited his love for organized sports, but we will do our best to feed his passions.
We did make it back to Thanksgiving Point to see The Luminara. It did not disappoint. The weather was perfectly chilly but we were prepared. The kids loved to see everything and we even got a little visit in with a couple of Santa's reindeer. The lights were beautiful and there were some fun activities too. We got hot chocolate and spent two hours together in a little bit of magical place.

This year's ward Christmas party was cowboy themed, or something like that. We brought Watson's buddy, Cache, along for some hot scones, ornament making and pie eating. Watson didn't win the pie eating contest but he did have fun.  Daisy saw Santa for the first time this year. She was in awe, or perplexed, or surprised. I'm not sure. She didn't cry but that may be because we didn't sit her on his lap. Santa sang a few tunes and then handed out candy canes.

We borrowed a friend gift idea from my creative sister. Watson and I got everything together pretty quickly and had fun delivering them to his friends in the neighborhood. Who doesn't need more soda and candy, right at Christmas time?
We fit in a visit with Santa. I thought for sure we would get right in to see him, since we waited until almost Christmas Eve. But, no, we waited for over an hour. Luckily, we got to chat for a bit tell him again what we wanted for Christmas. Daisy did OK, for about a minute and a half. Of course she had her Binky....the wait was torturous enough. Watson told Santa he wanted a signed Jazz team basketball. Hmmmm, that was not on either of his two letters he already and wrote and mailed to Santa...
We spent the rest of Christmas Eve at Grandma Nettie's house. Outside the snow was heavy and falling. We got to play fun games, eat good food and laugh until it was time to go home. It has been the loveliest Christmas Eve ever.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

We Love Him So

We got to celebrate our favorite Scott, Dad, Hubby on the planet with his birthday. He really is the best at having fun and works so hard for our family. He is really busy right now with two full time that pays now and one that we expect will pay later. We are so grateful that he still makes sure to have time to wrestle, ski bike, read and play with everyone. We love him so!